GRS X-Mas 2021 Development Update


The past 3 months — Adoption

Development Update

GRS Pay — Taproot Edition

  • Taproot support
  • Specify default payment method through UI and Greenfield API
  • Disallow cancelling payment request when “Allow payee to create invoices in their own denomination” is not enabled
  • Support custom currencies for Pay button generator
  • Show total balance on wallets list
  • Add ability to set invoice status from details page
  • Add ability to accept tips in POS terminal
  • Add ability to wipe all the transactions of a wallet for admins
  • Allow User to delete own account
  • Allow email notifications when creating invoices from Web UI
  • Greenfield: Provide negative undue when overpaid.
  • Support top-up invoices in apps
  • Support Lightning in Pull Payments.
  • Support LNURL and Lightning address in Pull Payments
  • Add boolean overPaid to the invoice settled webhook
  • Ability to display and update the appname in crowdfund and PoS
  • Add ability to require refund email from app level
  • Azerbaijan support for the checkout
  • Upgrade to Bootstrap 5.1.3

C-Lightning v0.10.2

  • Payments can now be retried without affecting the status of prior attempts.
  • The route selection will now use the log-propability-based channel selection to increase success rate and reduce time to completion.
  • Close now reports the feeranges each side enforced, which allows users to determine which side caused a high or low feerate.
  • Removal of old HTLC information and vacuuming shrinks large lightningd.sqlite3 by a factor of 2–3.
  • setchannelfee now has a grace period during which both old and new fee policies are considered. This prevents a fee update from making the channel unusable until the update propagated.
  • We now perform quick-close if the peer supports it.
  • We send regular pings to detect dead connections (particularly for Tor).
  • Errors returning a channel_update no longer return an outdated one.
  • Anchor output mutual close allow a fee higher than the final commitment transaction.
  • Plugins now are notified about an upcoming shutdown, allowing them to store data and clean up before exiting.
  • The datastore API (datastore, deldatastore, and listdatastore) exposes a simple key-value store, allowing plugin authors to store data in the c-lightning database.
  • ping now only works if we have a channel with the peer.
  • Relaxed the sqlite3 version match requirements to be at least a minimum version and a major version match

Groestlcoin Spark v0.3.1 (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android)

  • BOLT12: Send payments using BOLT12 offers (including support for any amounts, quantities, fiat denomination and sending a payer_note to the payee). Requires c-lightning v0.10.1+ with experimental-offers enabled
  • BOLT12: Create reusable BOLT12 offers to receive multiple payments (basic support only). Requires c-lightning v0.10.1+ with experimental-offers enabled.
  • BOLT12: Pull payments using BOLT12 withdrawal offers (send_invoice=true). Requires c-lightning v0.10.1+ with experimental-offers enabled.
  • UI: Non-blocking payments with paystatus tracking
  • Payments are now sent in the background without blocking the UI, with pending/failed payments shown in the homepage payment history.
  • UI: Improve the main screen initial loading times
  • Pay/Request can now be used immediately, without waiting for the wallet’s data to load first.
  • UI: Always display payment amounts in USD terms too
  • UI: Improved error reporting and display
  • Fix: Properly display the NoScript message on Firefox
  • Update clightning-client to v0.1.4
  • Use newaddr all to avoid creating new addresses when switching types
  • This raises the minimally supported c-lightning version to v0.7.1.
  • Reproducibility: Due to changes in third-party dependencies, the Android apk build and the Windows portable runner are no longer reproducible, while the Linux AppImage now is.


  • Supports 24-word phrases
  • Open Source

Groestlcoin BlueWallet v6.1.9 — iOS and Android

  • ADD: camera on main screen
  • ADD: Shortcuts on Scan button long press
  • FIX: Set the first launch flag (issue with disappearing wallets)
  • ADD: Catalan and Slovak translation
  • ADD: custom success animation to onchain transactions
  • ADD: fiat input for receive & send
  • ADD: Fee details to lighting invoice
  • ADD: Entropy via dice rolls and coin flip
  • ADD: Exclude wallet transactions
  • ADD: Detect language automatically
  • ADD: Launch screen dark mode
  • ADD: Dark Mode
  • ADD: support importing watch-only in groestlcoincore format fingerprint/derivationxpub (wallet descriptors)
  • ADD: Split for large devices
  • ADD: Export file option
  • ADD: KES, NGN, TWD, ARS, ADD: TZS, ANG and AWG, UYU, Philippines Peso, Turkish Lira Currencies
  • ADD: Import LNDHub from QR
  • ADD: Electrum server import from QR
  • ADD: Privacy Settings Screen
  • ADD: Clipboard read opt-out
  • ADD: Support lnurl fallback scheme
  • ADD: Market Widget for iOS 14
  • ADD: Large iOS widget
  • ADD: Price Current/Previous Widget
  • ADD: Allow image for importing wallet
  • ADD: Coin Control
  • ADD: New languages: Bulgarian, Polish, Welsh, Slovenian & Hebrew
  • ADD: Multisig Vaults
  • ADD: Create Multisig Vaults
  • ADD: Import Multisig Vaults
  • ADD: Vaults Backup
  • ADD: Coordination Backup
  • ADD: Manage/edit Keys
  • ADD: Share co-signers
  • ADD: Quorum setup
  • ADD: Choose address type
  • ADD: Persian language
  • ADD: Help section and tips to Vaults
  • ADD: enable batch-send on multisig wallets
  • ADD: Easily share a Vault key with QR code
  • ADD: How many signatures can this Vault make
  • ADD: Electrum servers history — fast connect
  • ADD: Ability to set servers via QR code scanning
  • ADD: CoinControl multi-selection
  • ADD: iOS 14.5 support
  • ADD: Electrum-GRS JSON import support
  • ADD: Offline Signing and Cold Storage
  • ADD: Encrypted Message sign/verify
  • ADD: Allow send MAX and BATCH for all wallet types
  • ADD: Tor support
  • ADD: Hierarchy Navigator (List of addresses)
  • ADD: Slip39 wallets (Shamir’s Secret Sharing)
  • ADD: PSBT for all HD watch-only wallets

GRS RPC Explorer v3.3.0 — Mainnet, Testnet, and now Signet!

  • Signet support!
  • New tool for viewing the UTXO Set: /utxo-set
  • New API actions:
    — /api/address/yourAddress
    — /api/mining/next-block
    — /api/mining/next-block/txids
    — /api/mining/next-block/includes/:txid
    — /api/mining/miner-summary
  • Major fixes for data displayed in /tx-stats tool
  • /node-details: Include coinstatsindex status
  • Support querying UTXO Set even with slowDeviceMode=true, if coinstatsindex is available
  • Fix for difficulty adjustment estimate
  • /difficulty-history: Support for viewing different time ranges
  • When viewing unconfirmed transaction details, show an info dialog if the transaction is predicted to be confirmed in the next block
  • Performance improvements:
    — Fix for performance degradation over time due to slow “estimatedSupply” function
    — Homepage speedup by making “Estimated Next Block” data load asynchronously
    — Caching for /difficulty-history data
  • Unicode formatting for OP_RETURN and other similar data (with ascii+hex accessible via toggle)
  • New .env options for setting defaults (see .env-sample for details):
    — BTCEXP_DISPLAY_CURRENCY (grs,gro,local)
    — BTCEXP_LOCAL_CURRENCY (usd,eur,gbp)
    — BTCEXP_UI_TIMEZONE (utc,local)
    — BTCEXP_UI_HIDE_INFO_PANELS (true,false)
  • Support for displaying timestamps in local timezone (by using browser default, or setting a manual offset)
  • Cleanup treatment of locktime on transaction details pages
  • Unique favicon color based on the active network (mainnet=blue, testnet=black, signet=orange, regtest=gray)
  • Lots of minor styling improvements
  • Error handling improvements
  • Fix for /api/quotes/all
  • Performance log admin page at /admin/perf-log
  • Updated dependencies

Blockbook — Signet Version

  • New version to use with the Signet network has been released!




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