What is… Groestlcoin Spark

Groestlcoin Spark Lightning Wallet: A minimalistic wallet GUI for c-lightning through desktop apps.

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2 min readDec 22, 2021


Groestlcoin Spark is currently oriented for technically advanced users and is not an all-in-one package, but rather a “remote control” interface for a c-lightning node that has to be managed separately.
Groestlcoin Sparks supports sending and receiving payments, viewing history, and managing channels.
Groestlcoin Spark is a purely off-chain wallet, with no on-chain payments. This allows Groestlcoin Spark to fully realize the awesome UX enabled by lightning.


  • Pay and Request are pretty intuitive and don’t require much explaining. Try them!
  • Display unit: Click the balance on the top-right or the unit in the “request payment” page to toggle the currency display unit. The available options are gro, groestls, milli, grs and USD.
  • Theme switcher: Click the theme name on the bottom-right to change themes (you can choose between 16 bootswatch themes).
  • Payment details: Click on payments in the list to display more details. (note that the fee shown includes c-lightning’s overpayment randomization)
  • Expert mode: Click the version number on the bottom-left to toggle expert mode. This will add two new menu items, “Logs” and “RPC Console”, and display yaml dumps with additional information throughout the app.
  • Node address: Click the node id on the footer to open the node info page which displays your node address (as text and QR).
  • Channel management: Click the “Channels” button inside the node info page to show and manage channels.


OSX wallet: https://github.com/Groestlcoin/groestlcoin-spark/releases/download/v0.3.1/groestlcoin-spark-0.3.1-mac-x64.zip

Windows Installer: https://github.com/Groestlcoin/groestlcoin-spark/releases/download/v0.3.1/groestlcoin-spark-0.3.1-win-setup.exe
Windows portable version: https://github.com/Groestlcoin/groestlcoin-spark/releases/download/v0.3.1/groestlcoin-spark-0.3.1-win-portable.exe

Linux Appimage installer: https://github.com/Groestlcoin/groestlcoin-spark/releases/download/v0.3.1/groestlcoin-spark-0.3.1-linux-x86_64.AppImage
Linux Snap installer: https://github.com/Groestlcoin/groestlcoin-spark/releases/download/v0.3.1/groestlcoin-spark-0.3.1-linux-amd64.snap
Linux Deb installer: https://github.com/Groestlcoin/groestlcoin-spark/releases/download/v0.3.1/groestlcoin-spark-0.3.1-linux-amd64.deb

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.groestlcoin.spark

Source Code: https://github.com/Groestlcoin/groestlcoin-spark/