Groestlcoin 22/6/22 Release

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4 min readJun 22, 2022

Around the time of the 8th Anniversary release just 3 months ago, the price of Bitcoin was just a smidge over 48,000 USD, at the time of writing this announcement, it is now at a smidge over 20,000 USD. Fortunately, during this time, GRS has remained steady against Bitcoin (whereas others have fallen, too), so there’s some light to be had on this: People aren’t selling GRS.; which is a fantastic sign for the community, despite rising costs worldwide. Another fantastic positive for the GRS community is that the development of GRS will remain constant regardless of price speculation. Whilst other projects may give up or “go dark”, GRS will always be here.

Today’s Announcements

Groestlcoin Core v23 Update

From v23, Groestlcoin Core is now fully code-signed on Mac OSX and Windows, meaning no warning signs and fewer false-positive antivirus hits!

Click here for more information, download links and more for Groestlcoin Core

What’s New?

A full set of release notes can be found here.

GRSPay v1.5.4.0 Mainnet & Testnet

Click here for more information, how-to guides and learn how to accept GRS via GRSPay here

What’s New?

  • All new Dashboard
  • Add the ability to export wallet transactions
  • Allow re-sending of verification emails to users
  • Allow users to be disabled/enabled
  • Add additional rate providers as supported by CoinGecko

C-Lightning v0.11.1

What is C-Lightning? And how to use it…


  • Protocol: we now support opening multiple channels with the same peer.
  • Protocol: we send/receive IP addresses in init, and send updated node_announcement when two peers report the same remote_addr (disable-ip-discovery suppresses this announcement).
  • Protocol: we more aggressively send our own gossip, to improve propagation chances.
  • Plugins: cln-grpc first class GRPC interface for remotely controlling nodes over mTLS authentication; set grpc-port to activate.
  • Database: With the sqlite3:// scheme for — wallet option, you can now specify a second file path for real-time database backup by separating it from the main file path with an ‘:’ character.
  • Protocol: pay (and decode, etc) supports bolt11 payment_metadata a-la lightning/bolts#912
  • JSON-RPC: invoice has a new parameter deschashonly to put a hash of description in bolt11.
  • JSON-RPC: pay has a new parameter description, which will be required if bolt11 only has a hash.
  • JSON-RPC: pay has a new parameter maxfee for setting absolute fee (instead of using maxfeepercent and/or exemptfee)
  • JSON-RPC: listforwards has a new entry style, currently “legacy” or “tlv”.
  • JSON-RPC: delinvoice has a new parameter desconly to remove the description.
  • JSON-RPC: new setchannel command generalizes setchannelfee: you can now alter the htlc_minimum_msat and htlc_maximum_msat your node advertised.
  • Config: htlc-minimum-msat and htlc-maximum-msat to set default values to advertizes for new channels.
  • JSON-RPC: listpeers now include a pushed_msat value. For leased channels, is the total lease_fee.
  • JSON-RPC: getinfo result now includes our_features (bits) for various Bolt #9 contexts
  • Docker builds for ARM defaults to groestlcoin but can be overridden with the LIGHTNINGD_NETWORK envvar.
  • Developer: A new Rust library called cln-rpc can be used to interact with the JSON-RPC.
  • JSON-RPC: A new msggen library allows easy generation of language bindings for the JSON-RPC from the JSON schemas.
  • JSON-RPC: listchannels now includes the funding_outnum.
  • JSON-RPC: coin_movement to ‘external’ accounts now includes an ‘originating_account’ field.
  • JSON-RPC: Add ‘exclude’ option for pay command to manually exclude channels or nodes when finding a route.
  • Database: Speed up loading of pending HTLCs during startup by using a partial index.

Groestlcoin Electrum Personal Server

Click here for more information and how-to guides for GRS Electrum Personal Server.

What’s New?

  • Fixed crash caused by deprecated RPC in Groestlcoin Core 23.0
  • Added signet support


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Thank you to everyone who has contributed to these developments. On to the next development update on 22nd September 2022!