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7 min readDec 22, 2022

Unfortunately, this year has been another rollercoaster for the world of Crypto and GRS. With the delisting of GRS from Binance earlier this year causing heartbreak to many, fortunately, the price was relatively unaffected on all remaining exchanges.

The collapse of FTX in November sent shockwaves through the crypto-sphere with losses totalling over $1BN USD and some individuals losing tens of thousands of dollars worth. Whilst this is devasting, this reinforces the mantra of “not your keys, not your coins”, and will hopefully allow for greater transparency from exchanges in the future.

From everyone in the Groestlcoin team, we hope you have a fantastic Christmas / Holiday and here’s to a prosperous 2023!

Development Update

Groestlcoin Core v24.0.1 Update

From v23, Groestlcoin Core is now fully code-signed on Mac OSX and Windows, meaning no warning signs and fewer false-positive antivirus hits!

Click here for more information, download links and more for Groestlcoin Core

What’s New?

A full set of release notes can be found here.

GRSPay — Testnet & Mainnet

Click here for more information, how-to guides and learn how to accept GRS via GRSPay here

What’s New

  • Upgrade Bootstrap to v5.2.3; Design System improvements
  • The new version of the checkout as an opt-in feature
  • Request customer data with forms for email and shipping address
  • Server settings: Add the option to customize the instance logo
  • Store settings: Add branding options
  • Refactor labels
  • Improve the PayButton error page
  • Mark MySql and SQLite backend deprecated

GRS BlueWallet 6.3.2 — iOS and Android Wallet

What is GRS BlueWallet? And how to download it.

What’s New?

  • Warning when importing a watch-only wallet so fewer people will fall victim to scam attempts.
  • Export transaction history and labels
  • Export xPub as a file
  • Search on the addresses screen
  • Tailscale’s new Tailnet naming scheme to list exceptions
  • Dismiss the Export screen if the app was sent to background
  • Fiat unit Uganda Shillings (UGX)
  • import wallet descriptors for BIP84 & BIP49, but with XPUBs
  • can’t reliably pay lnurl invoices when the current currency is fiat
  • allow local IP addresses over HTTP
  • Add the ability to send “MAX” is disabled after scanning QR codes
  • JSON files are opened in the BlueWallet app by default (iPadOS)
  • Deep links with:// should now also work
  • UI issues: Lightning authenticated screen

Core-Lightning (C-Lightning) v22.11.1

What is Core-Lightning? And how to use it…

What’s New?

  • The new experimental reckless plugin manager can be used to download, install and uninstall plugins on the fly. We have many new features planned for it, so stay tuned.
  • When receiving a keysend any extra TLV fields will be stored so they can be retrieved later.
  • The — database-update=false flag allows users wanting to test unreleased versions from accidentally upgrading the database, and then being unable to switch to a released version again.
  • Several performance issues, particularly for larger nodes, have been addressed.
  • Support for the legacy onion encoding has been removed since the more modern and flexible TLV encoding is now widely deployed.
  • We have started preparing for a splicing implementation but merging the interactive TX creation API.
  • We now require all channel_update messages to include htlc_maximum_msat (as per the latest BOLTs)
  • Results from the API can now be filtered using the filter API. This can be used to massively reduce the size of results if only part of it is required.
  • The openchannel hook can be used to set a reserve value other than the 1% default value. This also allows not having a reserve in case the peer is (semi-)trusted.
  • We reintroduced a number of deprecated features, since some integrations had missed the deprecation window, and asked for some more time to update their apps.
  • We delayed the rollout of DNS names in the gossip due to a lack of support in the network.

GRSD 0.22.0

What is GRSD? And how to download it.

What’s New?

  • Handle notfound messages from peers in netsync package
  • Add compatibility for getblock RPC changes in bitcoind 0.15.0
  • Add new optional Params field to rpcclient.ConnConfig
  • Add new error code ErrRPCInWarmup in btcjson
  • Add compatibility for changes to getmempoolentry response in groestlcoind
  • Add rpcclient methods for estimatesmartfee and generatetoaddress commands
  • Add rpcclient method for getblockstats command
  • Parse serialized transaction from createrawtransaction command using both segwit, and legacy format
  • Support cookie-based authentication in rpcclient
  • Add rpcclient method for getchaintxstats command
  • Add rpcclient method for fundrawtransaction command
  • Add rpcclient method for getbalances command
  • Add new method rpcclient.GetTransactionWatchOnly
  • Fix panic in fieldVal.SetByteSlice when called with large values, and improve the method to be 35% faster
  • Add -regtest mode to btcctl
  • Fix a bug due to a deadlock in connmgr’s dynamic ban scoring
  • Add blockchain.NewUtxoEntry() to directly create entries for UtxoViewpoint-
  • Replace LRU cache implementation in the peer package with a generic one from decred/dcrd
  • Add support for witness tx and block in notfound msg
  • Add support for receiving sendaddrv2 messages from a peer
  • Fix bug in peer package causing last block height to go backwards
  • Add chain parameters for connecting to the public Signet network
  • Fix bug causing panic due to bad R and S signature components in btcec.RecoverCompact
  • Set the name (secp256k1) in the CurveParams of the S256 curve
  • Remove unknown block version warning in the blockchain package, due to false positives triggered by AsicBoost
  • Add chaincfg.RegisterHDKeyID function to populate HD key ID pairs
  • Add new method mining.AddWitnessCommitment to add the witness commitment as an OP_RETURN output within the coinbase transaction.
  • Support Batch JSON-RPC in rpcclient and server
  • Add rpcclient method to invoke getdescriptorinfo JSON-RPC command
  • Update the rpcserver handler for validateaddress JSON-RPC command to have parity with the bitcoind 0.20.0 interface
  • Add rpcclient method to invoke getblockfilter JSON-RPC command
  • Add signmessagewithprivkey JSON-RPC command in rpcserver
  • Add rpcclient method to invoke importmulti JSON-RPC command
  • Add watchOnly argument in rpcclient method to invoke listtransactions JSON-RPC command
  • Update btcjson.ListTransactionsResult for compatibility with Bitcoin Core 0.20.0
  • Support nullable optional JSON-RPC parameters
  • Add rpcclient and server method to invoke getnodeaddresses JSON-RPC command
  • Add rpcclient methods to invoke PSBT JSON-RPC commands
  • Add rpcclient method to invoke listsinceblock with the include_watchonly parameter enabled
  • Add rpcclient method to invoke deriveaddresses JSON-RPC command
  • Add rpcclient method to invoke getblocktemplate JSON-RPC command
  • Add rpcclient method to invoke getaddressinfo JSON-RPC command
  • Add rpcclient method to invoke getwalletinfo JSON-RPC command
  • Fix error message in rpcserver when an unknown RPC command is encountered
  • Fix error message returned by estimatefee when the number of blocks exceeds the max depth
  • Update btcjson.GetBlockChainInfoResult to include new fields in Bitcoin Core
  • Add ExtraHeaders in rpcclient.ConnConfig struct
  • Fix bitcoind compatibility issue with the sendrawtransaction JSON-RPC command
  • Add new JSON-RPC errors to btcjson package, and documented them
  • Add rpcclient method to invoke createwallet JSON-RPC command
  • Add rpcclient methods to invoke backupwallet, dumpwallet, loadwallet and unloadwallet JSON-RPC commands
  • Fix unmarshalling error in getmininginfo JSON-RPC command, for valid integers in scientific notation
  • Add rpcclient method to invoke gettxoutsetinfo JSON-RPC command
  • Add rpcclient method to invoke signrawtransactionwithwallet JSON-RPC command
  • Add txid to getblocktemplate response of rpcserver
  • Fix monetary unit used in createrawtransaction JSON-RPC command in rpcserver
  • Add rawtx field to btcjson.GetBlockVerboseTxResult to provide backwards compatibility with older versions of Bitcoin Core
  • Update btcutil dependency
  • Add Dockerfile to build and run btcd on Docker
  • Rework documentation and publish on
  • Add support for Go 1.15
  • Add Go 1.14 as the minimum supported version of Golang


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