Groestlcoin 8th Anniversary Development Update

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4 min readMar 22, 2022

8 Years. Groestlcoin has been in constant active development, providing development updates and enhancements every 3 months for 8 years. There aren’t too many cryptocurrencies that can say the same. Groestlcoin has been there through much of the Cryptocurrency rollercoaster journey and shows no signs of letting up.

Historic Milestones

There are just too many milestones to put into this article. Fortunately, with the help of esteemed cryptocurrency Chris P Thompson, Groestlcoin has commissioned an independent book documenting its current history. We have an exclusive PDF version to show you here: but physical copies can be purchased from here:

Groestlcoin Historical Book

Recent Announcements

The past few months have seen several new retailers accepting GRS as payment for their goods. Many more will be announced very soon so stay tuned!


Top Cryptee

Elephant Chateau

Dorset Tech Web Design


Essential Oil Wizardry


Today’s Announcements

Groestlcoin History Book

As previously mentioned, the Groestlcoin developers were approached with an opportunity to have a history book developed, showcasing the highlights and history of the cryptocurrency. After months of hard work, it is finally finished and published on Amazon:! A PDF copy can be found here:

GRSPay v1.4.7.0

Click here for more information, how-to guides and learn how to accept GRS via GRSPay here

What’s New?

  • UX/UI: Easier onboarding
  • UX/UI: New navigation
  • Greenfield: Add a missingPermission field to 403 errors
  • Support for new TLS version of SMTP server
  • Greenfield: Added field “StoreId” to a Payment Request
  • Greenfield: Can create a payment request without specifying currency (would then use store’s default currency)
  • Add login code, for easy login to GRSPay Server via a mobile device
  • Add LNUrl Auth support as second factor auth
  • Batch unarchive invoices
  • Ability to bump fees of transactions and invoices via CPFP
  • Add ability to add description to pull payment
  • Greenfield: Can add store guest/owner to a store
  • Plugins: Expose file service
  • Plugins: Allow writing Greenfield API endpoints

Groestlcoin Electrum-GRS 4.2 Desktop & Android Update

Click here for more information, download links and more for Electrum-GRS

What’s New? (Android-specific)

  • Kivy GUI:
    — show network setup on the first start before wallet creation
    — add “Child Pays For Parent” option
    — improved locale handling

What’s New? (Server & Desktop Client)

  • macOS builds are now codesigned and notarized
  • The minimum python version was increased to 3.8
  • Lightning:
    — redesigned MPP splitting algorithm
    — trampoline: implement multi-trampoline MPP
    — implement option_shutdown_anysegwit, and allow dust limits below 546 gro
    — implement option_channel_type
    — implement modern closing negotiation
  • Improve support for “lightning:” URIs on all platforms
  • Qt GUI:
    — add setting “show amounts with msat precision”
    — add setting “add thousand separators to groestlcoin amounts”
  • CLI/RPC:
    — implement Unix sockets and make them the default
    — add “bumpfee” command
  • Hardware wallets:
    — trezor: bump trezorlib to 0.13
    — ledger: support “Ledger Nano S Plus”
  • Library:
    — added support for sighash types beside “ALL”
    — signmessage: also accept Trezor-type sigs for segwit addrs
    — network: make request timeout configurable
    — paytomany (onchain txout batching) now allows multiple max(“!”)
    amounts with specified weights
  • Binary builds
    — AppImage: changed base image from ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04
  • Integration of Cirrus CI and Github Actions
  • Lots of other minor bug fixes and usability improvements.

Groestlcoin Esplora Update

What is Groestlcoin Esplora? And how to use it.

What’s New?

  • Supports Taproot!
  • Signet support!
  • Overhauled UI design for a cleaner user experience.


For help and support with any Groestlcoin products, or just for a discussion or chat, please visit our social channels where the community will be more than welcome to help!



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Thank you to everyone who has contributed to these developments. On to the next development update on 22nd June 2022!