What is… Android Wallet

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2 min readSep 21, 2021

Android Wallet is a Hierarchical Deterministic GRS Wallet.

The app allows you to send and receive main-net and test-net Groestlcoins on your Android device using QR codes and URI links.

Note: There is a separate test-net and main-net app.

When using this app, please back up your wallet and email them to yourself! This will save your wallet in a password-protected file. Then your coins can be retrieved even if you lose your phone.


  • Sweep paper wallets
  • Transparent — free and open source
  • Blockexplorer support
  • Network monitor
  • Backup/restore option
  • Spending pin
  • xpub support
  • Ability to reset blockchain
  • Ability to change denomination
  • Ability to connect to a trusted peer
  • Connectivity indicator

Note: If the app crashes you can send the report via email or another method if your phone allows it. Reports of errors can also be posted on this topic.
To close the app, simply press the back button until you reach your home screen. The app will close itself (there is no need for a disconnect option).
This application is licensed under the GPL version 3. There is no warranty and no party shall be made liable to you for damages. If you lose coins due to this app, no compensation will be given. Use this app solely at your own risk.




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