How to… Send funds from Groestlpay to newer Binance Accounts (Mobile)

For sending funds from Groestlpay to Binance on Desktop, visit here.

We have had quite a few instances recently where people have been trying to withdraw their hodl’ed funds from the deprecated GroestlPay wallet into Binance. Binance is offering BECH32 (grs1…) addresses as deposit addresses for accounts created sometime on or after 2019. Unfortunately, GroestlPay does not support withdrawing to these newer types of addresses, so here’s a quick guide on how to retrieve your funds!

Install BlueWallet from the store via this link (Choose iOS or Android).

Once downloaded and installed, click on the 3 dots in the top corner and go into General Settings, and make sure that ‘Advanced Mode’ is selected.

Go back to the main wallet screen and select the small ‘+’ icon at the top of the screen. Select ‘Groestlcoin’ as the type, and choose one of the bottom two options ‘SegWit (P2SH)’ or ‘HD SegWit (BIP49 PS2H)’. Select ‘Create’.

Open the wallet up by selecting the new blue square wallet, and select ‘Receive’. This will bring up a QR Code and a receiving address. Tap on the address to copy this to your clipboard.

On Groestlpay, select the ‘Send’ icon and paste in the address that you’ve just copied from BlueWallet (This might happen automatically when you tap the ‘To’ field!). Enter in the amount of GRS that you want to send, or select ‘Send Max’ at the top of the screen.

Double-check the receiving address is correct, and press ‘Send’, and then ‘Confirm’. This will just take a few seconds to show up on BlueWallet.

You will now be able to send your Groestlcoin from BlueWallet to Binance. Select ‘Send’ on your BlueWallet wallet, and paste in the deposit address from Binance and enter in the amount of GRS that you want to send.

Tip: You can select the total, above the keyboard, to send the maximum amount of Groestlcoin.

Once there has been enough confirmations (Currently set to 5 confirmations or around 5 minutes).



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