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10 min readSep 22, 2022


With a global rising cost-of-living crisis, cryptocurrency is currently seeing its greatest challenge yet. Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in light of the last financial crisis in 2008 in an effort to provide an alternative, unregulated, market-controlled currency. The western world is now on the brink of another financial crisis, with the aftermath of government Covid-19 contingency efforts and now the Ukraine-Russia war putting strains on people's wallets, the next couple of years will prove or disprove the fundamental idea of cryptocurrency. It currently appears the world of cryptocurrency is slightly in “limbo”, waiting for how everything pans out and that is largely reflected in the price movements of Bitcoin, Ethereum, GRS and other cryptocurrencies over the past few months.

GRS has been fairly resilient over the course of the past few months, despite unfortunately being unfairly delisted from Binance, which highlighted further the requirements of being available on as many exchanges as possible, big or small. GRS has weathered the storm and will come out of it stronger.

Did you know?

GRS is rated #6 for active Github contributions in the last 12 months, and rated #10 in the last 3 months!

Once again there have been significant technological pushes over the past few months that will be announced below.

GRSPay v1.6.9.0 Released (Mainnet + Testnet)

Click here for more information, and how-to guides.
Learn how to accept GRS via GRSPay here

New features

  • Dashboard: Add Lightning balances and easy access to lightning services.
  • Dashboard: Add Point Of Sale data.
  • Greenfield: Basic API Get and Delete operations for apps.
  • Greenfield: Add Lightning balance endpoint.
  • Greenfield: Allow excluding unconfirmed UTXOs when creating a new transaction.
  • Checkout: Public invoice receipt.
  • Can disable TLS certificate check for email servers.
  • Can add the sender’s name to any field accepting an email destination, for example, Satoshi Nakamoto <> rather than just
  • Support LNURL Withdraw in payouts.
  • Can send parameterized emails based on invoice events.
  • Dashboard: Added toggle button to switch to store default currency.
  • Support Lightning node connection string with onion addresses.
  • Add the Refunds list to the Invoice details page.
  • Point of Sale: Add discount option for Keypad view.
  • Edit Pull Payment UI.
  • Custodian Account Deposit UI.

Bug fixes

  • UI: Fix cancel plugin command.
  • Crowdfunding: Fix the links for the default Quake sounds.
  • UI: Fix nav height issue on mobile devices.
  • UI: Fix mark all notifications as seen return URL.
  • UI: When disabling a user, then it as an admin, attempting to remove or enable the user would fail while showing success in the UI.
  • Deleting an admin gives a 500 error, and cannot disable the same user.
  • Dashboard: Do not display archived invoices in recent invoices.
  • Fixed an error happening when broadcasting transactions weren’t shown in the UI.
  • If LNURL for standard invoice was disabled, and PoS print view used, the QR code would throw an error 404.
  • Fix: Cannot withdraw refund (payouts) with LNURL.
  • Fix: Cannot withdraw refund (payouts) with LN Address.
  • Fix: Missing pager in the wallet transaction list.
  • Fix: webhook “Send specific events” display issue.
  • When a payjoin label was applied, coin selection filter would not work.
  • When a payjoin happened with a receive address wallet, the payjoin label was not applied.
  • Crowdfund: Show free when invoice is fixed and 0 amount in apps.
  • Crowdfund: Animations on crowdfund not enabled broke JS.
  • Crowdfund: Perk expansion in crowdfund was broken.
  • Redirect instead of show 404 on 0 amount invoices.
  • Minor checkout UI fix.
  • Greenfield: Update webhook would reset the secret.
  • Make InvoicePaymentSettled return correct afterExpiration value.
  • Greenfield: Allow tagging a transaction even if it hasn’t been yet broadcasted.
  • Ensure payout processors update state.
  • Fix edge cases around LNURL not providing invoice.
  • Fix store creation button distortion.
  • Fix payout labels.
  • Handle hold invoices in ln payouts.
  • Save preimage of ln payouts when possible.
  • Fix crashes on stores that had configured a payment method that is no longer supported.
  • Fix Wallet Transactions screen not loading in case of older payout labels.
  • Fix missing route hints for LNURL.
  • Fix API Docs URL.
  • Fix the ‘Pay’ button logo and URL.

Other Improvements

  • Don’t show “Set up a Lightning node” when LN is not supported.
  • Redirect to invoice details instead of list upon creation.
  • Better UI/UX for on-chain send and receive.
  • Add refund badge to invoice lists.
  • Creating and editing a payment request now redirect to the payment request list.
  • Crowdfunding: Several UI/UX improvements for the settings.
  • Improve the refund flow.
  • Improve email settings validation and UX.
  • Add spam rate limits for public invoice endpoints.
  • Greenfield doc: Adding a description to speedPolicy parameter.
  • UI: Improvement of Crowdfund & PoS Modal.
  • Server Settings: Consolidate Storage and Files.
  • Move View action to the Name column in Payouts & Payment Requests.
  • UI: Properly report Shopify errors when testing new settings.
  • Mobile header improvements.
  • Notification modal improvements.
  • Improve payouts UI.
  • Update language to explicitly request view-only wallet files.
  • Open public app views in new tab/window.
  • Added HRF and Strike to the list of supporters.
  • Invoice summary: Fix indentation and heading levels.
  • A few design brush-ups.
  • Coin Selection: Fix responsive display.
  • Point of Sale: In the receipt, the Order Id is now a link pointing to the point of sale.
  • The invoice filter dropdown list labels should be “Settled invoice” rather than “Paid invoice”.
  • If a webhook is the loopback address, skip SSL verification.
  • Add no rate found error message in Invoices.
  • Greenfield API docs improvements.

C-Lightning 0.12.0

What is C-Lightning? And how to use it…


  • NEW: Built-in bookkeeper plugin! This plugin tracks all movements of msats for your node, gives you a better idea of your costs and revenues, prints out CSVs that are uploadable to Koinly and CoinTracker, lets you inspect the on-chain footprint of a channel (useful when it goes to chain). Check out the new bkpr- prefixed commands.
  • NEW: Built-in commando plugin! This lets you create runes to allow access to your node from a commando client, which will let you send and receive RPC commands over the lightning network.
  • NEW: Emergency channel backup (“static backup”)! Keep track of what peers you have channels with, and in case of node, failure ask those peers to close the channel.
  • NEW: zeroconf channels are possible for whitelisted peers.
  • hsmtool has a new command, checkhsm, which will let you check a BIP30 passphrase against the hsm_secret.
  • Multiple log-file options will open multiple files for logging.
  • Various crashes and issues fixed in connectd including crash on peer reconnect and large memory usage when many concurrent peers.
  • PSBT: fixes signature encoding to comply with BIP-0174.
  • We added dynamically detected public IP addresses to getinfo.
  • Due to dependency issues on some platforms, a tarball of pre-generated manual pages is included with this release.

BlueWallet 6.3.1 — iOS and Android Wallet

What is GRS BlueWallet? And how to download it.


  • Passphrase support for wallets.
  • Korean language.
  • Derivation path for watch only wallets.
  • Remove error-prone placeholder scroll calculation.
  • Don’t use hardcoded label.
  • Backup QR doesn’t have a “@server” suffix.
  • UI for import electrum-grs wallet with passphrase.
  • Better handling large transactions from electrum-grs.
  • Faster native navigation.
  • Enhanced offline mode UI.
  • Borders to Dynamic QR Code.
  • Support for truncated BIP39 wordlist (3–4 chars per word).
  • Wallet accounts search & discovery.
  • Offline wallet import.
  • Custom derivation paths.
  • Passphrases in advanced mode.
  • Toggle for disabling Tor.
  • Sinhala language.
  • View QRCode button on ‘is it my address’.
  • Support for electrum -grswith groestlcoin core 22+.
  • Handoff in-app rather than browser.
  • Screenshot prevented in onchain receive.
  • Choose next electrum-grs server if current one is dead.
  • Dark mode in new import screens.
  • Copy QRCode to Clipboard.
  • ISK Fiat added.
  • Add unique ID in Settings.
  • Rate last updated date added.
  • Danish currency added.
  • Send support for Taproot address type.
  • Support truncated words during slip39 wallet import.
  • Show selected coins summary on CoinControl screen.
  • Passphrase support on Multisig.
  • Import BIP39 multi language.
  • LNurl-Auth (Login with Lightning).

Electrum GRS 4.3.1 Update (Mainnet + Testnet)

Click here for more information, download links and more for Electrum-GRS

What’s New? (Android-Specific)

  • fix “Child Pays For Parent” not working on Android
  • Revert to defaulting the UI language to English
  • Bring kivy request dialog more in-line with Qt
  • kivy: fix deleting “local” tx from history
  • kivy: fix paying amountless LN invoice
  • kivy: dust-valued requests could not be created for LN.

What’s New? (Server & Desktop)

This version introduces a set of UI modifications that simplify the use of Lightning. The idea is to abstract payments from the payment layer, and to suggest solutions when a lightning payment is hindered by liquidity issues:

  • Invoice unification: on-chain and lightning invoices have been merged into a unique type of invoice, and the GUI has a single ‘create request’ button. Unified invoices contain both a lightning invoice and an onchain fallback address.
  • The receive tab of the GUI can display, for each payment request, a lightning invoice, a BIP21 URI, or an onchain address. If the request is paid off-chain, the associated on-chain address will be recycled in subsequent requests.
  • The receive tab displays whether a payment can be received using Lightning, given the current channel liquidity. If a payment cannot be received, but may be received after a channel rebalance or a submarine swap, the GUI will propose such an operation.
  • Similarly, if channels do not have enough liquidity to pay a lightning invoice, the GUI will suggest available alternatives: rebalance existing channels, open a new channel, perform a submarine swap, or pay to the provided onchain fallback address.
  • A single balance is shown in the GUI. A pie chart reflects how that balance is distributed (on-chain, lightning, unconfirmed, frozen, etc).
  • The semantics of the wallet balance has been modified: only incoming transactions are considered in the ‘unconfirmed’ part of the balance. Indeed, if an outgoing transaction does not get mined, that is not going to decrease the wallet balance. Thus, change outputs of outgoing transactions are not subtracted from the confirmed balance. (Before this change, the arithmetic values of both incoming and outgoing transactions were added to the unconfirmed balance, and could potentially cancel each other.)


  • Added Coinbase Exchange pricing information
  • Removed Binance Exchange pricing information


  • Dropped support for Windows 7
  • Bump bundled Python version (win, mac, appimage) to 3.9.11, (android) to 3.8.13. (note these include a fix to an openssl DOS-vector CVE-2022–0778)
  • Windows: bump pyinstaller to 4.10 and wine to 7.0.
  • Appimage: fix the “ — portable” flag for AppImage, and for pip installs.
  • Appimage: fix AppImage failing to run on certain systems.
  • Source-only: we now also distribute a “source-only” Linux-packager-friendly tarball, in addition to the current “normal” tarball. The “source-only” tarball excludes compiled locale files, and generated protobuf files, and does not vendor our runtime python dependencies (the packages/ folder).
  • Linux: fix os.chmod when running in tmpfs on Linux.


  • macOS: fix opening “Preferences” segfaulting for some.
  • More resilient startup: better error handling and fallback.
  • Some improvements for high-DPI monitors.
  • Fix duplication of some OS notifications on onchain txs.
  • Better handle unparseable URIs.


  • Fix LN error/warning message-handling, and fix regression that errors during channel-open were not properly shown in GUI.
  • During LN channel open, do not backup wallet automatically.
  • Imported wallets: fix delete_address removing too many txs.
  • Fix potential deadlock in
  • Fix “Automated BIP39 recovery” not scanning change paths.
  • Labels of payment requests were not propagated to history/addresses.
  • Better default labels of outgoing txs.
  • Bypass network proxy for localhost electrum server.
  • Security fix: remove support of “file://” URIs from BIP70 payment requests, which could be used to trigger “open()” on arbitrary files (see

Hardware Wallets:

  • Ledger: add progress indicator to sign_transaction.
  • Smarter pairing during sign_transaction.
  • Keepkey: fix pairing with the device using a workaround.


  • Watching onchain outputs: significant perf. improvements.
  • Enforce relative order of some msgs during chan reestablishment, lack of which can lead to unwanted force-closures.
  • Fix: in case of a force-close containing incoming HTLCs, we were redeeming all HTLCs that we know the preimage for. This might publish the preimage of an incomplete MPP.
  • Support for LNURL-pay (LUD-06)
  • Updated trampoline feature bit in invoices.
  • The claim transactions of reverse swaps are not broadcast until the parent transaction is confirmed. This can be overridden by manually broadcasting the local transaction.
  • The fee of submarine swap transactions can be bumped.
  • Better error handling for trampoline payments, which should improve the payment success rate.
  • Channel backups are removed automatically when the corresponding channel is redeemed.
  • Remove support of “legacy” (without static_remotekey) LN channels. Opening these channels was never supported in a release version, only during development prior to the first lightning-capable release. Wallets with such channels will have to close them.
  • Handle NotEnoughFunds when trying to pay LN invoice.
  • Handle NotEnoughFuds when trying to open LN channel.
  • When closing LN channels, future (timelocked) txs were not shown in history.

GRS Eclair 0.7.0

What is GRS Eclair? And how to use it…


  • Eclair now supports cookie authentication for GRS Core RPC.
  • Eclair echoes back the remote peer’s IP address in init.
  • Eclair now supports circular rebalancing.
  • Anchor outputs activated by default.
  • Postgres database backend graduates to production-ready.
  • Alternate strategy to avoid mass force-close of channels in certain cases.
  • Separate log for important notifications.
  • Support for onion messages.
  • Support for option_payment_metadata.
  • Optional safety checks when using Postgres.


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