GRS September ‘23 Development Update

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4 min readSep 22, 2023


As 2023 unfolds, we’re ecstatic to present the freshest quarterly insights on Groestlcoin’s journey. Our dedicated squad has been at the forefront, innovating, refining, and fortifying GRS to ensure you get the most seamless crypto experience.

Every release is a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection. This quarter, we’ve not only ramped up our security measures but also turbocharged transaction performances, solidifying our resolve to position GRS as the epitome of user-friendliness and watertight security in the crypto realm.

Dive deep into this update to uncover the intricate details of our latest enhancements, bug rectifications, and elevations. We champion transparency and wish for our vibrant GRS family to stay abreast of every nuance.

Your unwavering trust and endorsement fuel our passion. So, without further ado, let’s unravel the thrilling innovations we’ve brought to the table!

Core Lightning 23.08.1 released

What is Core Lightning, and how to use it


  • Enhanced Payment Reliability: We’ve revamped our pay plugins for top-tier payment trustworthiness.
  • Dynamic Configuration: Introducing the ‘setconfig’ command — effortlessly modify config lines without restarting. This feature is in its nascent stage with more dynamism on the horizon.
  • Backup Support: Now bolstered with BIP-93 seed backup.
  • Fee Flexibility: New per-channel ‘ignorefeelimits’ setting resolves fee disagreements, ensuring smooth transactions.
  • Taproot Integration: We’re embracing the future! Taproot addresses are now the default for change, bringing more privacy and efficiency.
  • HTLCs Optimization: Proactive failure mechanism for incoming HTLCs when outgoing gets delayed due to high fees, safeguarding against channel loss.
  • Dual-funding: Updated to the latest spec. It remains in the experimental phase, but we’re getting there!
  • Splicing Innovation: Test out the ‘experimental-splicing’ option that aligns with the latest splicing draft, enabling seamless fund transfers.
  • Invoice Management: The new ‘wait’ command streamlines invoice operations. Coupled with ‘listinvoices’, you get enhanced sorting and pagination.
  • Self-Payment: Yes, you read that right! With ‘Pay’, you can now settle your own invoices.
  • Bolt11 Update: Temporary reprieve for payments in bolt11 without descriptions. Plus, descriptions are now more versatile, supporting special characters seamlessly.
  • Performance Tracing: User-defined tracepoints have been infused into several paths, optimizing bottleneck tracing in live systems.

GRSPay v1.11.4 released

Both Mainnet and Testnet have been seamlessly upgraded to embrace these latest innovations.

What is GRSPay, and how to use it


  • Invoice Evolution: A comprehensive transformation of our Invoice Reporting system to ensure clarity and efficiency.
  • Sleek POS Cart: Unveiling a revamped design for our POS Cart that’s not only visually appealing but also more user-friendly.
  • Product Organization: Introducing product categories in POS apps for a seamless browsing and selection experience.
  • Enhanced Checkout: Checkout v2 now serenades you with a sound notification upon successful invoice payment.
  • Expanded Rate Providers: Broadening our horizons with the integration of ExchangeRateHost and FreeCurrencyRates, ensuring accurate and real-time conversion rates.
  • Wallet Navigation Update: Your on-chain wallet now conveniently displays balances in your default currency, streamlining asset management.

GRS Android Wallet 10.03 Released

Both Mainnet and Testnet have been seamlessly upgraded to embrace these latest innovations.

What is GRS Android Wallet, and how to use it


  • Bluetooth Enhancements: Resolved a hiccup with direct Bluetooth payments and ensured seamless Bluetooth socket connections for Android 12 and beyond.
  • Wallet Management: Addressed a longstanding hiccup when emptying wallets for a smoother user experience.
  • Precision in Transactions: Rectified a pivotal bug related to inputting fiat amounts, ensuring accuracy in every transaction.
  • Alert Optimizations: Implemented a crucial fix for version alerts, keeping you updated without any glitches.
  • Language Flexibility: For users on Android 13 and above, choose your app language irrespective of your system settings.
  • Intuitive Notifications: On Android 13 and up, we’ll seek notification permissions at the most opportune moments, enhancing your app journey.

GRS RPC Explorer 3.4.0 released

Mainnet, Testnet, and SigNet have all been seamlessly upgraded to incorporate these cutting-edge innovations.

What is GRS RPC Explorer, and how to use it


  • API Evolution: Introducing pivotal changes to the API, setting the stage for more advanced functionalities.
  • Core Compatibility: Implemented tweaks ensuring seamless performance with Groestlcoin Core v23.
  • Deep Dive into Blocks: Our Block Analysis now showcases top “days destroyed” transactions, offering richer insights.
  • URL Refinement: Transitioned from /mining-template to /next-block. Don’t fret; a redirect ensures backward compatibility.
  • Enhanced Key Insights: Extended PubKey pages now boast balance data for diverse addresses, contingent on Electrum-GRS server configuration.
  • API Augmentations: Introducing a slew of new API actions and refinements to elevate your experience.
  • GRS Celebrations: Discover /holidays, a handpicked list of Groestlcoin ‘Holidays’ to celebrate our journey.
  • Fun View Customization: /fun now supports multiple view options for personalized browsing.
  • Improved Difficulty History: The delta graph on /difficulty-history now respects timespan filtering for precise analysis.
  • Optimized Memory Management: Adopted the robust MemoryStore for efficient session data handling.
  • Asset Delivery Flexibility: Now serve static assets via your preferred CDN with our new configuration options.
  • Display Fixes: Addressed discrepancies in data display on non-main-net nodes.
  • Icon Transition: Moved from Font Awesome to the sleek bootstrap-icons v1.8.0.
  • Theme Refresh: Unveiled a rejuvenated “Dark” theme with subtler blues. Legacy enthusiasts, the original dark theme remains at your disposal.
  • Design & Experience Enhancements: A series of UI/UX tweaks for a more intuitive navigation.
  • General Refinements: A collection of miscellaneous fixes and updated dependencies for a smoother operation.


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