GRS June 2023 Release

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8 min readJun 22, 2023


As we forge ahead in 2023, Groestlcoin (GRS) continues to showcase its resilience and commitment to innovation, even amidst the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency. Currently standing at #581 with a market cap of approximately $29 million, GRS is a testament to the tireless work of our dedicated team and the unwavering support of our community.

The past few months have seen the cryptocurrency industry grappling with regulatory challenges. These regulatory shifts have resulted in market turbulence and uncertainty, impacting cryptocurrencies across the board, including GRS. Crypto exchanges are strategizing to navigate this ongoing regulatory pressure, leading to discussions about potential relocation to avoid these constraints.

Despite these challenges, Groestlcoin remains steadfast in its mission to provide a secure, decentralized, and transparent cryptocurrency experience. We continue to adapt and innovate, focusing on the needs of our users and the broader crypto community. Our dedication to our core principles has guided us through these uncertain times and will continue to drive our efforts moving forward.

As we navigate the rest of 2023, we are optimistic about the future of Groestlcoin and the continued growth and development of our platform. Here’s to our collective perseverance and the exciting journey ahead!

Here’s what the team have been working on in the past 3 months:

Groestlcoin Core v25

What’s Groestlcoin Core?

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Release Notes

Please refer to this page for a conclusive and intricately detailed list of changes. But here are the most significant changes:

  1. Transactions of non-witness size 65 and above are now permitted, addressing the CVE-2017–12842 vulnerability and supporting smaller transaction sizes.
  2. New RPC “scanblocks” allows faster wallet rescans by returning blockhashes from a set of descriptors.
  3. Updated RPCs now accept a new named parameter “args” for passing positional parameter values, simplifying parameter passing.
  4. Verifychain RPC will return false if checks can’t be completed due to reasons like missing data or insufficient dbcache.
  5. Sendrawtransaction has a new optional argument “maxburnamount” to prevent submission of transactions with unspendable outputs.
  6. Setting -blocksonly reduces max mempool memory to 5MB, potentially impacting performance and affecting dbcache size.
  7. Wallet updates: new minconf and maxconf options in RPCs, faster rescans for descriptor wallets, and the ability to include immature coinbase UTXOs.
  8. GUI changes include a persistent “Mask values” option that now also affects the “Transaction” view.
  9. A new /rest/deploymentinfo endpoint in REST for fetching state info regarding consensus changes.
  10. The binary verification script now checks that binaries are signed by a threshold of trusted keys, enhancing security.

GRS BlueWallet 6.4.5 — Now available on OSX! Crypto Management, Redefined.

What is GRS Blue Wallet?

What is GRS BlueWallet? And how to download it.

Release Notes

  1. Now Available on OSX: We are thrilled to announce that GRS BlueWallet is now available from the store on OSX! This expansion to a new platform is a huge leap for us and we’re excited for you to be part of this journey. BlueWallet is now available on Android, iOS, iPad and OSX.
  2. Revamped Currency Search & Rates: We’ve fixed and enhanced our currency search functionality, and now you can effortlessly find your preferred currencies. Plus, expect real-time, accurate price rates for smooth transactions.
  3. Lightning-fast Startup: We’re all about saving time. With our new update, the BlueWallet now launches faster than ever, getting you to your crypto faster!
  4. Advanced Accessibility: We believe in inclusivity. With significant improvements in accessibility, we’re ensuring that everyone can comfortably use GRS BlueWallet, regardless of their needs.
  5. Optimized Payjoin Implementation: Say hello to a flawless Payjoin experience. We’ve ironed out all the bugs, giving you a seamless and efficient transaction process.
  6. Sleek GUI Styling: We’ve refreshed our look! Enjoy an improved visual experience with our updated GUI styling that’s not just about looks, but better usability too.
  7. Refined App Name: It’s the small things that matter. We’ve replaced the figure space in our app name with a normal space, making it easier for you to search and find us.

Experience a smoother, faster, and more inclusive way of handling your crypto with the new GRS BlueWallet update. Embrace the future of crypto with us. Upgrade today!

Electrum-GRS 4.4.4

What is Electrum-GRS?

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Release Notes

  1. Efficient Address Reuse: The update introduces smarter address management. Now, creating new requests automatically uses addresses from expired ones, streamlining the process.
  2. Advanced Request Indexing: We’ve shifted to indexing requests by ID for a faster, more seamless interaction with your transactions.
  3. Enhanced Trampoline Routing: Experience smarter trampoline routing that remembers failed routes and attempts new ones, optimizing transaction flow.
  4. Performance Optimizations for Hardware Wallets: Specifically, Trezor users will enjoy optimized signing speed owing to streamlined transaction serialization.
  5. Improved PSBT Functionality: The update ensures that only plain xpubs are included in PSBTs and for witness v0 txins, both UTXO and WIT_UTXO are inserted in psbt for enhanced security.
  6. New Commands: Enjoy the convenience of knowing the network you’re on with the getinfo() command. Plus, convert_currency command now allows for seamless fiat FX rate conversions.
  7. Innovative Privacy Features: The update brings features like support for option scid_alias and UTXO privacy analysis dialog to enhance the security of your transactions.
  8. Lightning Network Improvements: Achieve a more reliable experience while making trampoline payments. The update also enhances handling failed HTLCs in gossip-based routing.
  9. GUI Enhancements: A host of bug fixes and performance improvements in GUI ensure a smoother user experience. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of new transaction creation flow and better accessibility with toolbar options.
  10. General Improvements and Bug Fixes: We’ve included a range of improvements and resolved various issues to enhance stability and performance, such as tightened build system, fixed deadlock in, and hardened build script for macOS binary, amongst others.

Update to GRS Wallet 4.4.4 and step into a new world of smoother, faster, and more secure crypto transactions!

Electrum-GRS Android 4.4.4

What is Electrum-GRS Android?

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Release Notes

  1. New Android App: Enjoy a smoother experience with our new Android app, now using QML instead of Kivy.
  2. Updated Qt and PyQt Versions: Ensuring optimum performance with Qt 5.15.7 and PyQt 5.15.9.
  3. Feature Parity with Kivy: You asked, we listened! Now enjoy all the features you loved in Kivy on our new app.
  4. Optimized Navigation: The Android back button is now incorporated throughout the app for ease of navigation.
  5. Convenient Topbar Menus: Tap on the wallet name for wallet menu, and on the network orb for the application menu. Access your features faster!
  6. Extended Payment Options: Long-press on Receive/Send for a comprehensive list of payment requests/invoices.
  7. Debug Logs Setting: For those who like to peek under the hood, we’ve added the option to enable debug logs.
  8. Enhanced On-chain Address Visibility: Now, easily view your on-chain address in the ReceiveDetailsDialog.
  9. Larger Virtual Keyboard Buttons: Typing is now more comfortable with somewhat larger buttons on the virtual keyboard.
  10. Improved Seed Entry with Seedkeyboard: We’ve replaced the Qt virtual keyboard with Seedkeyboard for a smoother seed entry process.
  11. Additional Improvements and Bug Fixes: From fixing potential Android crashes, restoring from old mpk, signing transactions for 2FA wallets, to allowing screenshots with runtime toggling of android SECURE_FLAG, we’ve worked tirelessly to enhance stability and performance.

Upgrade to Electrum GRS Android 4.4.4 for a seamless, secure, and superior crypto experience on the go!

Core Lightning 23.05

What is Core Lightning?

What is Core-Lightning? And how to use it…

Release Notes

  1. Introducing Commando RPCs: Welcome to the future with our brand-new commando-blacklist and commando-listrunes RPCs. Now you can effortlessly blacklist and list stored runes.
  2. Expanded Feerates Options: We’re enhancing your control over feerates with two new options — “minimum” and “NN blocks”. Now you can use explicit block counts or select from slow/normal/urgent/minimum.
  3. Detailed Channel History: With our new listclosedchannels RPC, you can easily revisit old, closed channels, enhancing your understanding of your transaction history.
  4. Extended Network Support: Core Lightning is expanding! We’ve added support for node.js plugin installation and for networks beyond groestlcoin and regtest.
  5. Dynamic Fees: We’re making fees smarter! Now, unilateral close transactions will use dynamic fees based on deadlines (and RBF) instead of fixed fees.
  6. Blinded Payments Support: For improved privacy and security, blinded payments are now supported by default.
  7. Added Address Verification: Safety first! We now double-check all groestlcoin addresses for accuracy, eliminating any chances of memory errors.
  8. Flexible Overpaying Options: Core Lightning now allows slight overpaying, even with MPP, in line with recent spec recommendations.
  9. PSBTv2 Support: Experience enhanced compatibility with PSBTv2 support. All APIs now cater to both v0 and v2.
  10. Expanded RPC to grpc Mapping: We’ve introduced new methods — listpeerchannels, listclosedchannels, decode, and decodepay — for a more comprehensive RPC to grpc mapping.
  11. Python Gossmap Improvements: Enjoy an even smoother experience with improvements to the python gossmap implementation.
  12. Master Rune Creation: Experience easier node control with our new makerune command in hsmtool, designed to create a master rune for your node.

Welcome to a more secure, efficient, and versatile crypto experience with the latest Core Lightning update. Upgrade now!

GRSPay 1.10.1

What is GRSPay?

Click here for more information, and how-to guides and learn how to accept GRS via GRSPay here

Release Notes

  1. Customized Invoice Metadata: Now, experience personalized transaction management by customizing your invoice’s metadata for payments received through LN Address.
  2. Enhanced Invoice Details: The payRequest of an invoice from LNUrl is now saved inside the invoice’s metadata, providing you with more comprehensive transaction details.
  3. Effortless NFC Payments: If you’ve already granted browser permission, you no longer need to click on the “Pay by NFC” button. Making NFC payments just got even easier!
  4. Detailed Receipts: We’ve enhanced our Point of Sales system — now, the items you’ve bought will appear on your receipt.
  5. Verifiable Payments: Each receipt now comes with a payment proof, such as a transaction ID or a Lightning preimage, for added security and verification.
  6. Checkout v2 Upgrades: Never be left in the dark again — now you’ll see when your payment still needs confirmation.
  7. Expanded Wallet Transactions: Our Wallet Transactions Export now comes with BIP-329 support.
  8. Advanced Wallet Management: You can now add labels to destination addresses in the Send Wallet, and easily parse an imported wallet’s xpub.
  9. Interactive Checkout v2: We’ve added a sprinkle of fun to your payments — celebrate each transaction with a burst of confetti.
  10. Email Management Upgrade: Store Email rules have evolved! Now, you can send test emails and even support HTML/Rich Text emails.
  11. Retail-Optimized Experience: We’ve added presets to optimize your checkout experience for retail use.
  12. Customized Store Roles: More control for your store — create new custom roles and adjust the permissions for Owner and Guest.
  13. Privacy Settings: With our new setting to hide sensitive info like balances and amounts, your privacy is our priority.
  14. Easier Refunds: In the refund workflow, it’s now easier to only reimburse overpaid amounts.

Welcome to the next level of transaction management with the latest GRSPay 1.10.1 update. Get the upgrade and experience the power of smart payments!