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2 min readMay 20, 2021


Groestlcoin has been integrated into Simplex. The industry leader that allows millions of people to buy billions of dollars in digital assets.

TL:DR — Israeli payments processor Simplex will allow its users to easily buy GRS through Apple Pay, bank transfers and credit cards easily.

What is Simplex?

As an industry leader, Simplex is an EU-licensed financial institution that provides a significant FIAT infrastructure for the cryptocurrency industry. Simplex processes crypto-to-credit card payments with a 100% guarantee. You will be able to purchase Groestlcoin at competitive prices with almost any payment method that you’d like to use.

Established in 2014 and recently making mainstream headlines by partnering with Opera to deliver a cryptocurrency ramp built-in to the web browser, Simplex is one of the leading payment gateway solutions for top cryptocurrency exchanges (including Binance and Changelly) whilst also being a cryptocurrency brokerage platform.

As a licensed EU financial institution and a Principal Member of the Visa network, Simplex was selected as one of the 10 most impactful companies in blockchain in 2020. Keep up with the latest Simplex news by following us on Twitter or visiting


It was recently announced that Simplex is being acquired by Nuvei for $250,000,000. The Canadian payment processor has stated that it will use Simplex’s Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license to issue IBAN accounts to its customers, opening the door for its own crypto Visa cards. The deal is expected to be completed in the second half of the year.

What does it mean for Groestlcoin?

Being integrated into Simplex will allow more users to be able to experience the fantastic platform that the Groestlcoin developers have built over the past 7 years and will allow for easier access to purchasing and utilising Groestlcoin on a day-to-day basis.

In the short term, this will allow Groestlcoin to be purchased directly with FIAT with a number of Simplex partners including Coinomi, Guarda and Changelly with a number of payment methods including Apple Pay, VISA, Mastercard and bank transfers.

Since Simplex supports both debit cards and credit cards, there is a much less tedious process to go through when buying or selling through the platform.

In addition to all the fantastic features that Simplex offers, they also offer a bank account with a VISA debit card which you can open for free, allowing you to buy and sell cryptocurrency in an even easier way than ever before.

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