Accepting Groestlcoin via Shopify and GRSPay — The Guide


Setting up a GRSPay Server with Shopify

In your Shopify online account, go to Apps → Manage Private apps (Bottom of the page). If private apps are disabled, enable private apps development.

Fill in the required details (name and email) and click on the “Show Inactive Admin API Permissions”

Give “Read and Write” permission to “Orders” and press “Save”

Go back to Apps → Manage Private Apps, and click on your newly created private app

Copy the example URL from the Admin API section

Login to your GRSPay Account

Go to your store, then go to Integrations and click “Setup” on “Shopify”. Paste the Example URL from Shopify into the only field and click “Connect to Shopify”

On the GRSPay Server Integration page, copy the script shown in the yellow box. Go back to Shopify and open the Settings → Checkout → Order Processing → Additional Scripts and paste the script in its entirety.

Finally, go back to the Shopify Settings, and go into Payments Manual Payment Methods and add a Custom Payment Method named Groestlcoin with GRSPay Server and Activate it.

Note: Custom payment method name must contain at least one of the following words or phrases: groestlcoin, grspayserver, grspay server, or grs to work.

All Done!

That’s it, you’re all set up and ready to accept Groestlcoin payments through your existing Shopify portal!


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